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Union of the Armenian Evangelical Churches in the Near East
Visit of The President of Armenia



In the course of his three day official visit to Lebanon, the President of the Republic of Armenia his Excellency Serge Sarksian visited also the President of the Union of Armenian Evangelical Churches in the Near East, Rev. Megrditch Karagoezian. Accompanying his Excellency was a delegation of four state ministers and other high officials.

The visit took place at noon of Tuesday, November 27, 2012, at the reception hall of the First Armenian Evangelical Church of Beirut. Present were also the Chairman and members of the Central Committee of the Union and pastors.

At the entrance of the hall, his Excellency the President of Armenia was welcomed by the representative groups of students from the six Armenian Evangelical schools in Lebanon, who applauded the President enthusiastically. The President greeted the students joyfully and stressed that it is he who applauds them.

After words of greetings and thanks, Rev. Megrditch Karagoezian highlighted the fact that the Armenian Evangelical Church and Community stand by the Motherland in hearty prayers for the well being of the Armenian People. He stressed that “We want to see a strong Motherland, with the participation of all constituents of the Nation”.

President Serge Sarksian appreciated the ecclesial, educational and social services of the Armenian Evangelical Church in Armenia and the Diaspora highly and reiterated the fact that “All Armenians, however small a community, are important for the Motherland, each in their scope of work”.

At the conclusion of the amicable conversation, the president of the UAECNE honored the President of Armenia with a special gift. Beside the Lord’s Prayer, the inscription read: “With wishes of sunny and good days, and with commitment of faithfulness and love.”

At the end of the visit, the President of the Republic of Armenia bid those present farewell, wishing them renewed strength and encouragement in the task of preserving this very important community of Lebanese-Armenians.

Central Committee

The Armenian Evangelical Church Commemorates its 165th Anniversary

On Sunday, July 3rd, 2011, the Union of the Armenian Evangelical Churches in the Near East, celebrated the 165th Anniversary of the establishment of the Armenian Evangelical Church in Istanbul in 1846 by thirty-seven men and three women.

165The celebratory service took place in the First Armenian Evangelical church, Beirut, Lebanon. Present were Archbishop Kegham Khatcherian and Vartan Ashkarian representing His Holiness Catholicos Aram I and His Beatitude Nereses Bedros XIX, respectively. The capacity audience also included Bourj Hammoud Mayor Antranig Messerlian, representatives of the Armenian Embassy, Armenian political parties and social and cultural organizations.

The service led by Reverends Hrayr Cholakian, Raffi Messerlian, Soghomon Kilaghbian, Hovhannes Sevajian, Paul Haidostian and Vicken Cholakian, was rich with prayers, Bible passages, and hymns. The Armenian Evangelical Armiss choir led by Conductor Garo Avessian also had its remarkable input, including the Lord’s Prayer as composed by Armiss.

The message of this special occasion was delivered by the President of the Union of the Armenian Evangelical Churches in the Near East, Rev. Mgrdich Karagoezian, who focused on the quality of life lived by the first evangelicals. “An alert mind, a kind heart, a devoted spirit, those where the virtues of our ancestors who led us by their vision, thus preparing the generations to come”, said Karagoezian.exhibition2011

He emphasized the importance of a life based on faith in Jesus Christ, his example and salvation. “Our culture and heritage might show our origins. However, that would not save us from today’s spiritual and moral constraints and difficulties” he added.

Following the service, an exhibition was held at Haigazian University, featuring Armenian Evangelical publications, photographs, and communion and baptism vessels and church utensils. University President, Rev. Paul Haidostian gave a brief description of the exhibit, noting that few of the exposed utensils were used by the disciples of Rev. Armenag Haigazian, the namesake of the University. He also acknowledged the fact that some of the photographs were obtained from the collection of the late Rev. Manasseh Shnorhokian.

The 66th UAECNE General Assembly

The Union of the Armenian Evangelical Churches in Near East held its 66th General Assembly July 4-7, 2010 in the Armenian Evangelical Holy Trinity Church, Kessab – SYRIA in the presence of 39 voting members and delegates, and 36 non-voting members from five countries in the Middle East.

The theme of the GA this year was, “To Learn Or Not To Learn, That Is The Question”, based on the verse John 6:45.

The opening worship service took place on Sunday, July 4 at 9:00 p.m., where Rev. M. Karagoezian gave the sermon, followed by Holy Communion administered by Rev. H. Selimian.

The following two days were devoted to presentations and discussions related to the main theme. The presenters were Revs. M. Karagoezian, H. Sevadjian, H. Selimian, P. Haidostian, Miss A. Boujikanian and Mr. G. Deyirmenjian.

On Tuesday evening and Wednesday morning, the Assembly reconvened for UAECNE business sessions, where elections of the Central Committee took place and other pertinent decisions were made. The Assembly was concluded at a closing worship service on Wednesday noon during which Rev. S. Megrdichian delivered the sermon.

We want to thank God for entrusting us with church congregations, educational institutions, children's, youth, women's and other social ministries, church publications, and ecumenical relationships. There are many encouraging activities within the Union, for which we give thanks to God who called us to learn, teach, and relearn. At the same time, we know that there are more challenges than we can handle, but through God’s grace, we look forward to overcoming them and remaining faithful to our Lord and His call.

Artsakh PM visits UAECNE



On March 1, 2011, the Prime Minister of the Republic of Artsakh, Mr. Arayik Haroutyunyan, visited the president of the UAECNE, Rev. M. Karagoezian and the Central Committee members in the UAECNE Headquarters – Beirut.

The Prime Minister and the accompanying delegation were acquainted to the constituency of the UAECNE, its ministry and services.

Armenian Evangelical Pastoral Conference

The Armenian Evangelical Pastors' Wives Committee in Lebanon organized a conference on “Addictions and Social Misbehavior”. The conference took place in Dhour Chouier, Lebanon, May 27-29, 2010. Fourteen pastors from Lebanon and Syria along with their wives participated in this conference.

The main concerns that were addressed in the Conference were Addictions (Drugs, Alcohol, etc) and Social Issues (Abuse, Homosexuality, Piercing and tattoos).

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